Photo courtesy Munish Chopra

I am a passionate traveller and an avid photographer
Sometime around 2004 I bought my first digital camera. In the following years, some  equipment upgrades and amateur image making, I turned into an assignment photographer. In 2011  swapped a corporate career with my startup venture in lifestyle retail. And thus began a parallel journey from photography passion to a secondary vocation of visual story telling
My corporate job gave ample opportunities to travel.....And rigours of a 9 to 6 existence drew me towards capturing visuals. It started as a means to wind down from my marketing & communication projects. As I began to get deeper into the creative process and nuances of making an image....looking through the lens made me mindful of viewing everything in visual isolation and bought about a finer focus to my overall insights
Personal projects started with an urge to vent creative instincts & itches to capture destination images. First were weekend adventure road-trips to explore new places. Ever since, I have traveled extensively across India covering the colors and silhouettes of the Himalayan landscapes to the lush green plains in south, capturing emotions, vibrancy and the vastness of India along the way. On last count I had visited about 117 destinations
The Voyages page on my website covers some of those experiences. And now my bucket list has grown to include a backpacking photo trip around the world and writing a travel book about the experience. My blog travelingZulu is developing into a place on the web which captures not just some of the exotic to the most mundane journeys, interesting visual experiences and photographs to inspire!.....but a place for honest travel advise
Even though the fascination lies in Outdoor, Travel, Street and Events my assignments now include Corporate shoots, Food, Interiors, Products & Tabletops and even a few Weddings
Awards and recognition have come along the way too... winning the Lonely Planet MTB Photo Quest 2010 by Himachal Tourism, the Life of Ladakh by Emaho Magazine, London for Ladakhi Wildlife in 2012, the World Bank campaign #IndiaWeWant 2018. Published in leading press and media. I also conduct workshops and trainings to help other photographers
Iam on the Google panel as a Certified Google Trusted Photographer to create Google Virtual Tours for Google Maps and a certified Google India Local Guide in their Streetview program
I use Nikon gear. Starting with hobby cameras I now use pro grade full frame bodies with a collection of Fisheye, Telephoto, Wide-angle and Prime lenses
Home is New Delhi, where I stay with my wife and two teenage kids
My Social media handles...instagram.....twitter.....facebook......Behance.....and my travel blog
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